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The answer is in the heading, planning is essential! Please speak to us before any major capital disposal or project as there may be scope to reduce the tax burden.

We would emphasise, that we do not offer elaborate, high risk tax schemes. In our opinion, such schemes are often found to be outside the spirit of the tax legislation. In addition, they can add complexity and unnecessary uncertainty to an individual’s tax affairs. However, we do offer sound a tax planning advice to help reduce your tax liabilities over time.

The areas we tend to deal with are:

  • Income tax planning
  • Capital gains tax planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Issues affecting the agricultural sector such as disposal of farm tenancies, farm partitions, succession planning etc.

With the tax legislation in the United Kingdom being one of the most complex in the world, it is impossible for any one individual to have an intimate knowledge and working understanding of the whole statue. To add to that, some parts of the legislation have been criticised in recent years by various bodies as being unintelligible. This being the case, we foster a good working relationship with various highly respected tax specialists in their own fields. With your agreement, we can engage with these professionals to ensure that you receive timely, quality advice to assist you in your decision making.